7 Down, and a little righteous anger to push me.


The week has been fairly successful. Though I didn’t stick to my meal plan, I still managed to keep it almost exclusively paleo this week.  I weighed in yesterday to find I’ve lost 7 lbs this week!

Today I’ve added exercise. I actually got out and walked 3 miles, which took me 1 hour, 5 minutes to complete… AND I LIVED! (Doing a little dance here) But then I realize that even though I lived, tomorrow morning I may be wishing I didn’t. Ugh. Might be a good idea to find myself a yoga video to work on my flexibility!

But this week has been a very emotional one.  I’m not entirely sure if things are getting to me because of hormones ( since my partial hysterectomy, I have no measure of when “that time” would be. I still have my ovaries, therefore, I still have pms. I just don’t know if it’s pms anymore, or if I’m legitimately depressed or upset.)  What I do know is that I’m tired of being treated like someone who is disposable or invisible. Yes, I’m fat!  Yes, I know fat isn’t what most people find attractive. But I’m human, and I have feelings.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m all for freedom of speech. I don’t think people should have to modify their words or behaviour to avoid offending me.  I just wish they wouldn’t use me first, and THEN make me feel like discarded trash. And that is where the problem lies. Not with those that do it, but with me for allowing it. Most times, when it happens, I feel rejected, hurt, and miserable.Thankfully this time it just made me angry.  And that fueled day one of adding activity to my lifestyle.

Now if I can only hold onto the white hot anger for a while!



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