A New Challenge

Yes, I know, following my blog is like watching a magic show… Now you see me, now you don’t…. Oh look, there I am again! Well, I could say that life is complicated.  But that would be an excuse.  Everyone’s lives are complicated.  Some of us still manage to manage their time and meet deadlines.  I am not yet one of them, but I’m working on it!


(Myself and my dear friend, Jen. This is what I’ve been up to! Photographing! Her’s was my first wedding. It wasn’t the plan but when the photographer didnt show up, and I was glad I could be there and help out in a pinch.)

Since my last post on April 6th (oh my! Thats 6 weeks ago! So much for daily posts!) I’ve been on a bit of a roller coaster.  After my surgery I was healing well, until suddenly, I wasn’t.  A few doctors visits later, and I am finally healed and ready proceed.  Unfortunately, during that down time, which also included a crazy end of year sports schedule, (my son qualified for the state championship track meet!), a wedding,  more changes at the day job, and a bout of depression, I went completely off lifestyle.  I reverted to the crazy woman, living out of her car (not literally), fast food garbage littering the passenger side floorboard, frantically running from one place to the next!  It’s so strange how we can realize how unhappy we are and knowing how good we CAN feel, and still not make the proper adjustments…. day after day…. month after month… year after year, and convince ourselves it’s out of our hands, and that we have no control over those choices we feel we are FORCED to make because we had no options.

Or, at least, that’s what we choose to believe…. Until we choose not to.


(My son, the runner with the black and blue shoes running at the Oklahoma High School state track meet.)

This week I finally got back on track: First with food choices, then with remembering my medications, and finally with adding exercise.  I actually went for a walk this week.  Yes, ONE.  One 1 mile walk.  Don’t judge. It was a start.

So, when I last weighed on April 4th, I celebrated dropping into the 270’s with a 279.  Stepping on the scale this morning I was a tad bit terrified.  And then a lot bit relieved.  I was afraid I had gained back 20 lbs, but to my surprise, I was 285!  Thats a gain of 1 lb a week while I was off plan, which sucks. But 6 lbs is a bump on this journey to lose 180 lbs. I started out at a high of 330. (Thats hurts my fingers and my heart to type).  I have a total weight loss of 45 pounds! Thats nothing to sneeze at.  So it’s time to put on my big girl britches and keep going!

Besides my weight loss goals, I’m also working on improving on my photography craft.  One of the things I’ll be starting is a 365 day challenge. This entails taking a new self portrait every day.  What a great way to merge  my 2 top goals into one, than to practice my photography by recording my weight loss progress!  So I will be starting a new blog to run concurrently with this one to record my progress with photography too.

Then I can neglect TWO blogs! ….

Just kidding… or at least I hope I am.  I may not post every day, But I”m going to commit to at least 1 week.  And more when I am able.

Anyways, it’s going to be a wonderful holiday weekend for me.  Today I will be attending my daughters CHS Soccer End of Year Party.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone one more time before they all scatter for the summer.

Tomorrow is girls days out (rain or shine), to our annual Rennaisance Festival at the Castle in Muskogee (OK).  Every year I swear I’m going to rent a costume and get into character.  Then every year I end up saying, ‘okay, well next year’. And that is most likely the case again this year because with two kids in high school, the end of the school year gets very expensive. (Oh, who am I kidding?!  Every month of every year has been expensive raising these two on my own.  (But I wouldn’t trade them for anything.)  at least, by this time next year, maybe a corset will actually accomplish something other than making me look like a stuffed pigeon!


(My favorite shot from last years festival!)

Regardless, I can’t wait to take pictures!  Where else do you get such interesting subject?  Let the fun begin!

Happy Memorial Day, everyone.  And don’t forget to remember the REASON for the holiday.


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