Weigh in Saturday!

Today is a BEAUTIFUL day!  I stepped on the scale (as I do most mornings, just to monitor myself.)  And what I saw there made me do the happy dance!  Back in July when the journey first began, I weighed in at my heaviest weight ever,  330 lbs.  In January, when I began this blog, I weighed in at 308.2. This morning…. (drumroll please)…..

I weighed 279.0!  I have lost 28.2 lbs in 11 weeks.  Thats an average of 2.5 lbs per week.  (Now for a smaller person, that wouldn’t be healthy, but at my size its not uncommon.)  And stepping out of the 280’s forever, and into the 270 for a short time is just reason to celebrate!

And I have lost a grand total of 51 lbs since I began this journey!

This morning I will write a little less and just take the time to soak it in, reflect, and bask in the glow!  Happy Saturday to you all!

Weight / Measurements 

Starting                    Current                       (Lost)

Weight                      308.2                         279.0                             28.2

Neck                          17 .5″                         16.5″                           1″

Bust                            51″                              48″                             3″

Waist                         52.5″                            50″                             2.5″

Hip                             60″                               58″                             2″

Thigh                          30″                               29″                             1″

Calf                             21″                            19.5″                            2.5″


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