Friday Whimsy: Managing time!


Usually when we discuss a healthy lifestyle, we tend to focus on diet and exercise (or rather nutrition and training).  Today I’m going to stray off the beaten path and discuss time management.

As you may have read before, I work several jobs.  I am a nurse/case manager by day (loads of paperwork, lots of sitting), and a sports photographer. For every hour of time spent taking pictures, It generally takes me 2-3 hours of post processing at my computer to get the finished product.  Thats alot of time spent in my office, sitting on my duff.  And once there, it becomes difficulty for me to pull myself away until all of the work is complete. Then there is blogging, facebook, pinterest, lifestyle research, checking emails… and the list goes on.  Boundary setting has  never been a real gift of mine.

For the past week, while recovering from surgery, I have spent very little time on the computer.  It has been refreshing and my sense of well being had improved tremendously.  So I’m thinking I definitely need to make it a healthy habit to limit my computer time.

Now, the time spent on my DAY job activities are not really spent on the computer so much.  But it is SO tempting to take a break from time to time, check facebook, etc.  but I realize that not only is not not REALLY the kind of break I need, it also prolongs my work day even later, much of the time. From hence forth I will allow myself to use the computer for one hour each morning as part of my ‘wake up’ ritual. This means getting up a little earler, but not much, since normally I lay in bed for 30-45 minutes playing puzzle games on my tablet while the kids get ready for school… only one bathroom in the house.  Instead, I will rise out of bed as soon as my eyes open in the morning and get to the productive elements of my day; taking care of any social media, photography and lifestyle business.  When the workday begins, I will remove the computer from my proximity and buckle down.  And I will take BREAKS. Real ones.  I’ll get up from the computer, take a short walk, drink some water, let my eyes focus on anything farther than 2 feet from my face.  I will take a lunch break.  I will not eat while I work. And when possible, I will eat outside, in the sun.

When it is time for me to stop working. I WILL STOP.  The days of, ‘one more’ are over – one more phone call, one more note, one more picture, one more….  I’ve been known to ‘one way’ my way to late into the night.  No more!

Instead, I will rise from my desk, and walk away.  I will get SOME kind of activity.  I will spend time with my children. I will prepare a healthy meal, and make sure I have prepared in advance for the next day so that I’m not tempted to go somewhere and pick something easy (translation: toxic) up because I’ve wasted too much time saying, ‘one more…’

run like a girl

Many evenings are full attending sporting events, and photographing.  I will continue to enjoy that as well, but I will also limit that time.  Not because I don’t enjoy it, but because the more I photograph, the more I am tied to my desk afterwards.  I will no longer spend all evening shooting to come home and spend half the night processing, then oversleeping the next morning.  I will process on nights when I’m not shooting. I will give myself 1 hour on weeknights, and finish up on the weekends.  I will do the meat of my lifestyle research, post preparation for social media groups/pages, and menu planning on weekends as well.  And then I will PLAY! I will step away from the computer and  I will LIVE my life!

What are your lifestyle challenges?

Thursday Food Diary:

Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs, clementine

Dinner: Paleo chicken and biscuits.


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