Health/Research Thursday: Beginnings

I’m on day 5 of my quest to make blogging a daily habit!  Happy Thursday, which will from now forward be used for Lifestyle Research… because I have learned that by not continuing to grow and seek new knowledge, I become as stagnant in this lifestyle as I did my old one.

I’ve had friends ask me how I got started.  The truth is, I did quite a bit of reading online first.  Blogs, websites, books… anything I could get my hands on. I knew that cutting grains was key for me.  Not only did I feel much better (more energy, less bloating/fluid retention, fewer headaches, lower blood pressure, no heartburn) but when I allow grains to creep back into my diet, the craving for unhealthy foods come back and completely derail me.  The fact that I go through withdrawl symptoms for the first few days without them told me they were toxic for me.  The more I read, the more it all made sense.  There was one book in particular that sold me on the lifestyle.  That book was The Primal Blueprint 21 Day Total Body Transformation by Mark Sisson.  I purchased the book on my kindle (because my daughter keeps telling me that she feels like she lives in a library and I’m trying to cut down on the clutter!)  I kind of wish I’d bought the hard copy just for easier reference and note taking in the margins.  But I didn’t, so instead I was just keeping a notebook as I read.  The author also has a paleo website/blog,  MarksDailyApple ,  which also has alot of good information.   And THAT is where I got MY start.


The website I use more than any other is a recipe site that combines thousands of paleo recipes from hundreds of paleo blogging sites.  In fact, most of the recipe links you’ll find here were found directly from the site: .  As someone who loves food, I spend a great deal of time there, planning meals and collecting ideas! It can be a bit addicting.  (The site is currently being upgraded and hasn’t had any new recipes in a couple of weeks, but usually there are lots of new recipes each day.  In the mean time, you can use the search features to find all kinds of amazing recipes already on the site to cook or inspire your own creations)

I spend more than the healthy amount of time on the computer, much of that time is spent on facebook.  Yes, I know that sitting around on the computer is not the best way to spend my time.  I’m working on cutting down on that.  But I have also added a group on facebook that keeps healthy recipes, reminders, and educational oportunities popping up on my page:  Low Carb Zen.  As much as I love reading, sometimes its nice to discuss different techniques with others struggling along just as I do, and learn from their trials as well.  Other great facebook  pages are Paleo Newbie  and  Paleo Leap.

I am also going to try and start a cleaning lifestyle group to my REAL life.  Meeting people online who share your passion for clean eating is one thing.  Actually spending time with them, sharing recipes, and exercising together is entirely another!  And I know that the less time I spend on the computer, and the more time I spend living life the more successful I will be.

There are a wealth of good resources out there as the paleo lifestyle continues to grow.  What are your favorite resources?

Wednesday Food Diary:  A bit of an off day.  It was the first day I spent back at the computer working.  Time seems to get away from me when I’m working and I think I sat here for about 8 hours.  By the end, I was exhausted, achy, and exhausted. Then I was shuttling kids to/from activities and church the rest of the evening.  Food was not cooked.  I took the lazy way out and made bad choices.  But todays a new day!  Next step in this lifestyle: limiting computer time.

Breakfast: Banana

Dinner: Braum’s cup of chili, french fries. (please tell me I didn’t really just put that stuff in my mouth!)


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