“Why I Do It” Wednesday

Wow, I’m really on a roll!  4 days of blogging in a row!   I won’t celebrate too much.  Once I return to work, it will get a bit harder, but I’m hoping that by developing the habit now, I can stick with it later.

I stepped on the scale this morning and was so excited to see that not only have I returned to my pre-surgery weight, I’ve dropped below it.  I know its not Saturday, which is my weight in and measure day, but seeing the number on the scale this morning just made me smile!  I feel like I’m back on track and ready to make great strides.

As I try to get the hang of blogging, I have decided to give each day a special topic.  Wednesdays I will just call “Why I Do It” Wednesdays.  Mid week, when things are the busiest, seemed like the perfect time to reflect and remind myself why it’s worth it!  And reflect on the

This weeks reason is easy.  As I focus on healing after surgery, it reminds me of my need to heal my ENTIRE body, to reclaim my health, my energy, and my sense of well being.  I just wan’t to FEEL good again!  I have wasted so many years saying, “maybe next time.  I’m not feeling very well today.”  or “when I lose a few pounds I will…”

In the past, and part of what got me here was waiting for someone to do thing WITH.  Note to self: NEVER wait to live your life for ANY reason.  I will live every day like it’s my last from here forward.  Ironically, based on past experience, I can deduce that by living like today is my last day, I may actually have MORE days left than if I didn’t.

As for “feeling better”, each day post op gets better.  Yesterday afternoon was a little rough, but because I felt better in the morning, I forgot to take my pain medicine until I was incredibly uncomfortable (probably a hold over from being USED to feeling terrible all the time and just ‘sucking it up’).  But this morning is a new day!  I’m amazed at how quickly I’m recovering from this surgery.  And grateful.  I know recovering the rest of my body will not be quite so fast or easy.  There will be speed bumps, frustrations, and setbacks.  But there will also be new opportunities for learning and growing, tremendous victories, a frequently renewed sense of well being, and a fabulous life to reclaim!  Why do YOU do it?

Tuesday Food Diary:

Brunch: Paleo Cinammon Muffin (leftover from yesterday), and  chicken enchilada casserole Leftover  from Monday)

Dinner: The rest of Mondays leftover casserole.  Broccoli with cheese sauce and baked sweet potato (Leftover from Sunday)


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