Breakfast: Banana

Lunch: Skipped (wasn’t hungry)

Dinner:  Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, cauliflower with cheese sauce, salad.

As you may know, I went to the doctor this week to get a good start on my weight loss journey.  Because it has worked so well for me in the past, both in weight loss and general well being, I have decided to do paleo again.  My ultimate goal is to lose all the weight (about 160 lbs) just by changing my lifestyle and eating habits.  BUT… at this point in my life I am ready to jump through whatever hoops it takes to make sure I succeed this time.

While visiting with my doctor we discussed all of my options.  I have been struggling to lose weight for 20 years, but have only succeeded in gaining a little more each time.  Among the options is weight loss surgery.  We discussed it and I told him Im ready to jump through whatever hoops it takes to lose this weight. One problem with this option is that my insurance, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, is notorious for refusing to approve it.  They can pay millions to lobbyists to ensure that I am required to purchase a product I do not want, but once I’ve purchased it, they get to make decisions about my treatment plan, and deny me much needed medical care.  Sure I can conceivably pay for it myself…. Yeah, right. I’m a single mom, raising two teenagers on minimal income.  I do not consider myself poor by any means, but I definately have my limitations.

Anyway, we discussed what it would take to get it approved. 1.  multiple severe weight related health issues.  2. Proof that you’ve tried  other methods and were unsuccessful.  As I’ve said before, I’ve struggled with losing weight for 20 years, and only a few of those were under a doctors care, but there are a few documented attempts in recent years.  To add to the list, he prescribed phentermine.  I know what you’re thinking.  And a small voice inside me is still screaming “Don’t do it!”  But as I said before, I’m ready to jump through hoops to get where I need to go.  This is a hoop.

In addition to the meds, he is making a referral to a weight loss center to begin the ball rolling.  Not necessarily for surgery,but for success.  If it requires surgery then so be it.  But If I can lose the weight without an invasive procedure that is obviously my first choice.  And while I attempt to do it ‘the right way’, my progress will be documented so that I can build the case for surgery should I not be successful without it.

Now all of that was just to say that I have been taking the med for two days, and I am feeling so much better than I expected.  No jitters, no cravings, no ravenous hunger.   But I HAVE had more energy.  Now mind you, my normal energy level is about as low as it could be.  Today I felt like a NORMAL person.  I cleaned some, cooked some, played a game with my kids, processed some pictures., and visited with some friends.  Normally I’d have done ONE of those things, MAYBE two,  and that would be all I could handle in one day.  So while I hate the idea of taking meds for weight loss, I hate being unable to function even more.  And if this helps me regain my life and have the energy to manage daily life so that I can be successful in losing weight and increasing my natural energy level, I say GREAT!  But we’ll see how I’m feeling as time progresses.


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